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INFOTEL 2023 to fuel SL’s ambitious journey towards digital economy

Lankapuvath | Colombo | 03-11-2023 |
Claude Gunasekera | INFOTEL 2023 ICT Exhibition, organised by the Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS), will kick start today (November 03), at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall I(BMICH) in Colombo. The exhibition, which is scheduled till November 05, aligns with President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s vision to modernise Sri Lanka through digitisation. The exhibition, themed ‘Fuelling the Digital Economy,’ is being conducted under the guidance of the State Ministry of Technology.

INFOTEL 2023 will focus on key areas of the digital economy to support the Government’s effort to fuel Sri Lanka’s economy through intelligent and modern technology. The exhibition will also cover digital government, smart education, smart health solutions, cyber security, agritech, artificial intelligence (AI), smart cities, green energy, and others. It will also provide the general public with the opportunity to experience some of the emerging technologies and how they are used in different solutions. INFOTEL 2023 will also see many local startups showcasing their solutions.

Commenting about the exhibition, Minister of State for Technology Kanaka Herath said, “Since DigiEcon 2030 plan is formulated to accelerate our economy by leveraging technology-based solutions, Infotel exhibition is a key event for Sri Lankans. As the state minister of technology, I would like to extend my fullest support, which will surely make a positive impact on every Sri Lankan.
Developed countries have already digitized their public services, which has increased the efficiency of the public services sector. Therefore, the ‘INFOTEL Information Technology Exhibition’ is a crucial step towards achieving the government’s goal of establishing a digitized Sri Lanka by 2030. This exhibition offers a significant opportunity to engage with government policies regarding the digital economy. It aims to enhance and expand network connectivity, bolster digital infrastructure, fortify digital systems and solutions, promote cashless transactions, and enhance the workforce necessary for advancing the digital economy. We need more events that run down to the common man to speed up our digitizing process.”

FITIS Chairman Indika De Zoysa commented, “Currently, the digital economy contributes $3.7 billion to Sri Lanka’s GDP, a significant but not yet fully realised potential. Our aim is clear: We aspire to elevate this contribution to 20%, aligning with global trends. This ambitious target is not just a vision but a strategic imperative for Sri Lanka’s economic growth and competitiveness. With the expansion of the digital economy, we expect a substantial surge of $15 billion to Sri Lanka’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2030. This transformation will impact every sector of our economy, from government services to commerce, education, and healthcare.”

“In this endeavour, INFOTEL 2023 assumes a pivotal role. We firmly believe that this exhibition will catalyse innovation, collaboration, and the adoption of digital technologies. INFOTEL 2023 is not merely an event; it’s a critical driver in our mission to usher in a new era of digital prosperity for Sri Lanka,” De Zoysa added.

INFOTEL Organizing Committee Chairman Gnanam Sellathurai said, “INFOTEL has always been a beacon of technological innovation and progress, and this year's exhibition, after a three-year hiatus, promises to be no exception. Our goal is clear: to create an unparalleled platform where the best minds in the tech industry converge to showcase innovation, foster partnerships, and drive digital transformation. With INFOTEL 2023, we are setting the stage for an exciting future for Sri Lanka's information and communication technology sector.”

INFOTEL was launched in 1992 by President Ranil Wickremesinghe as an initiative to develop the ICT industry in Sri Lanka. Today, INFOTEL is the premier national ICT expo in the country, bringing together new technology and solutions for the public and private sectors and the general public. After a three-year hiatus, INFOTEL will be relaunched by FITIS on November 03 to bridge the technological gaps in the past three years.

Samsung Shares Vision for the Future of Home Living at IFA 2023

Lankapuvath | Colombo | 02-10-2023 |
At IFA 2023, Europe’s largest consumer trade show held in Berlin, Germany, Samsung Electronics underscored its vision for the future of home living — powered by the company’s cutting-edge devices and leading Bespoke products.

Notable figures from Samsung and partner companies outlined Samsung’s plans to drive positive change through exceptional innovation, impacting the individual lives of users as well as the world around them.

Benjamin Braun, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Europe, began by looking back at some of the company’s instrumental innovations that changed the status quo and shaped technological development. Samsung reiterated its commitment to fearlessly pioneering new endeavors, demonstrating its position as a leader within the industry.
“We are proud to be first and we will continue to innovate, however strange it seems to begin with,” Braun stated.

“We have over 200 amazing products on show for you,” shared Benjamin Braun, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Europe.

Amidst an ever-changing world, Braun emphasized how Samsung has been actively listening to consumers throughout the years — producing leading products that meet their needs and add value to their lives. Continuing this pursuit, Samsung has shifted its focus to developing devices and appliances that both empower users on a global scale and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable future.

Enhancing Lives and Bettering the Planet
With climate change at the forefront of people’s minds, Samsung highlighted the company’s ongoing commitment to reducing its environmental impact and prioritizing climate-positive solutions, touching on the targets outlined in its new environmental strategy announced in September 2022. Understanding the urgency of the climate crisis, the company set ambitious goals to achieve net-zero carbon emissions for its Device eXperience (DX) Division by 2030 and company-wide by 2050. To meet these goals, Samsung noted the progress in transitioning to renewable energy sources, with 31% of its operations currently running on clean energy — up from 20% in 2021. Additionally, Aimee Holloran, Business Development Manager at Samsung Climate Solutions U.K., discussed how Samsung’s environmental commitment is embedded into its products, allowing users around the world to live more sustainably through the company’s devices and appliances.

To create innovative solutions based on scientific data, Samsung has joined hands with a variety of industry leaders such as Ocean Wise and Patagonia to tackle environmental issues gripping the planet. In September 2022, the companies partnered to develop the Less Microfiber™ Cycle for Bespoke washing machines, a remarkable step in addressing microplastics emissions.
Taking this further, Samsung leveraged its partnership with the companies to develop another groundbreaking innovation in June 2023. Charlie Cox, Manager of Microplastic Solutions at Ocean Wise, highlighted the development of the revolutionary new Less Microfiber™ Filter for Samsung washers to reduce up to 98% of microplastic emissions from laundry cycles.

“In just a year, Ocean Wise and Samsung have demonstrated the opportunity that exists for industry leaders — to empower their communities to take positive action and create impact at scale,” added Cox.

“Ocean Wise’s collaboration with Samsung and Patagonia shows there are simple ways we can all be part of the solution to microfiber shedding,” said Charlie Cox, Manager of Microplastic Solutions at Ocean Wise (left). Samsung’s Less Microfiber™ Filter (right) helps reduce microplastic emissions from laundry.

The Less Microfiber™ Filter is a prime example of Samsung’s overall approach to sustainable product development – providing consumers with solutions that help them live an eco-conscious lifestyle. In line with this vision, Samsung continues to outfit its Galaxy devices with internal and external components made from recycled materials, in addition to creating product packaging that uses 100% recycled paper.
As climate change creates new challenges for people around the world, forward-thinking solutions are becoming increasingly necessary. To respond to global energy shortages and advance the transition to clean energy, Samsung emphasized its efforts in building out heat pump technology and leading the rapidly growing market in Europe.
Likewise, the company highlighted how its SmartThings home ecosystem is utilizing the latest technologies to help more than 280 million registered users save energy. By harnessing the power of AI across its line of Bespoke home appliances, Samsung’s AI Energy Mode optimizes appliance energy usage and helps save energy costs.
As Sri Lanka's No. 1 smartphone brand, Samsung has been honored with the prestigious title of 'People's Youth Choice Brand of the Year' for four consecutive years by SLIM Sri Lanka's review of the country's most valuable brands. With a vast customer base encompassing all age groups, Samsung's dedication to meeting the needs of the Gen Z and Millennial segments remains unwavering.

OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder Uses Galaxy Buds2 Pro To Reimagine ‘Counting Stars’

Lankapuvath | Colombo | 02-10-2023 |

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the hit song “Counting Stars,” three-time Grammy Award winning songwriter, producer and OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder used Samsung’s Galaxy Buds2 Pro to finalize a remastered version of the song, out today.

“When I’m in the studio listening to songs like ‘Counting Stars,’ I’m hearing them on professional speakers. As soon as I began to reimagine this one, it was essential for me to get out of the studio and have the listener experience,” said Tedder. “Using my Galaxy Buds2 Pro, I was able to review every version of the song exactly as our fans would hear it, and I’m confident that listeners will love this reimagined version as much as I do.”

Galaxy Buds2 Pro was built for music-lovers and music-makers alike, with professional-grade Hi-Fi 24-bit Audio for high-dynamic range and crystal-clear audio resolution. The new Samsung seamless codec (SSC HiFi) and new coaxial 2-way speaker are must-haves for pause-free transfers and richer sound. Plus, users can set custom EQ through the Galaxy Wearable app for a bespoke listening experience. Active Noise Canceling makes listening even more immersive, and when users want to be aware of their surroundings, Ambient Sound lets in some of the outside world without compromising audio quality.

From industry pros such as Ryan Tedder to everyday listeners, Galaxy Buds2 Pro delivers what listeners look for in a wireless audio experience. Ergonomically designed, Galaxy Buds2 Pro are small, light, and have a comfortable fit, users can take their Buds2 Pro anywhere and enjoy music, calls and entertainment the way it’s meant to be heard.
“Ryan Tedder’s remaster of ‘Counting Stars’ using Samsung’s Galaxy Buds2 Pro exemplifies Universal Music Group for Brands’ commitment to harnessing the power of music and culture to elevate brands. This partnership demonstrates the boundless possibilities that arise when creativity meets cutting-edge technology,” said Naomi McMahon, EVP of Strategic Marketing & Global Partnerships, UMG.

Link to the video https://youtu.be/xoaKz02w7Rs
https://www.youtube.com/embed/xoaKz02w7Rs?si=G4hAYh3fcFoZkjyA" title=

As Sri Lanka's No. 1 smartphone brand, Samsung has been honored with the prestigious title of 'People's Youth Choice Brand of the Year' for four consecutive years by SLIM Sri Lanka's review of the country's most valuable brands. With a vast customer base encompassing all age groups, Samsung's dedication to meeting the needs of the Gen Z and Millennial segments remains unwavering.

Non-Android Users Can Experience Galaxy’ App

Lankapuvath | Colombo | 11-09-2023 |
With New ‘Try Galaxy’ App Update, Non-Android Users Can Experience Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 & Z Fold5

Try Galaxy" users can now get to know the key features of the Galaxy Z Flip5, Z Fold5 and One UI 5.1.1 without a Galaxy smartphone
Samsung Electronics today announced that it has released an update for its “Try Galaxy” app, allowing non-Android smartphone1 users to test drive the intuitive One UI 5.1.1 and explore features from the new Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5. To fully showcase the benefits of the Galaxy Z Fold5’s immersive screen, the updated “Try Galaxy” app also offers a new feature that uses two connected phones to simulate the foldable experience.

Introducing the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5

After downloading the “Try Galaxy” app, users can learn from helpful tutorials and explore the apps and widgets as if experienced on a Galaxy phone’s home screen. They can also sample other innovative and unique functions available through Samsung Galaxy. In particular, the newly enhanced app highlights key features of the Galaxy Z Flip5, Z Fold5 and One UI 5.1.1:
FlexCam Experience: Users can explore the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5’s FlexCam mode. Through the app, users can experience how these foldable devices unlock new capabilities by capturing memorable moments in a variety of creative angles. With the biggest cover screen in the Galaxy Z Flip series, Galaxy Z Flip5 also enables quick and easy-to-check selfie experiences.
Immersive Screen and Seamless Multitasking: Users can connect two devices to create one connected screen, which simulates Galaxy Z Fold5’s robust, big-screen experience. Through video demonstrations, users can view video content on an immersive full screen. They can also experience powerful productivity through enhanced drag and drop features, enabling seamless multitasking when moving content between screens.

Connected Ecosystem: Users can learn what the Galaxy ecosystem has to offer, including Quick Share between near and far away devices, Samsung Health’s body composition data when paired with a Galaxy Watch and the many other exciting possibilities on offer with Galaxy devices. All of this is showcased through the seamless One UI 5.1.1.
The “Try Galaxy” app has been downloaded more than seven million times since its launch in 2022. The application is available for download through a simple QR code scan.
To explore the many benefits of switching to Galaxy, visit www.trygalaxy.com.
As Sri Lanka's No. 1 smartphone brand, Samsung has been honored with the prestigious title of 'People's Youth Choice Brand of the Year' for four consecutive years by SLIM Sri Lanka's review of the country's most valuable brands. With a vast customer base encompassing all age groups, Samsung's dedication to meeting the needs of the Gen Z and Millennial segments remains unwavering.

Scybers and Cyber Leadership Institute Partner to Develop the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Leaders

Lankapuvath | Colombo | 11-09-2023 |

Scybers, a leading cybersecurity firm, today announced a partnership with the Cyber Leadership Institute (CLI), a global leadership training organization focused on developing visionary cybersecurity leaders. The partnership will combine Scybers' expertise in cybersecurity with CLI's leadership development programs to create a comprehensive training and mentorship program for the next generation of cyber leaders.

"The demand for cybersecurity professionals is at an all-time high, and the skills gap is only getting wider," said Kugan Kulothungan, CEO of Scybers. "This partnership with CLI is a critical step in our mission to help organizations build a more secure future. By combining our expertise, we can develop the next generation of cyber leaders who have the skills and experience to protect our organizations from the ever-evolving threat landscape."

The CLI's leadership development programs are designed to help cybersecurity professionals and business executives develop the skills and knowledge they need to confidently and cost-effectively accelerate their organizations toward cyber resilience. The programs cover a wide range of topics, including cyber strategy execution, governance, stakeholder management, board communication, crisis management, and leadership. The CLI is underpinned by the Cyber Leadership Hub, a subscription online repository of high-quality CISO playbooks, templates, guides, and other enablers.

"We are excited to partner with Scybers to provide our participants with the most comprehensive cybersecurity leadership programs," said Phil Zongo, CEO of the Cyber Leadership Institute. "Scybers is a leader in the cybersecurity industry, and their mentoring, combined with our world-class leadership training will cyber leaders globally with skills and tools to accelerate cyber transformation and realise their full leadership potential.

The partnership between Scybers and CLI will bring cyber and business leaders a comprehensive curriculum that covers key aspects of leading cybersecurity, expert instruction from leading cybersecurity professionals, real-world experience through mentorship programs and a network of contacts in the cybersecurity industry.

For more information about the leadership programs contact hello@scybers.com .

About Cyber Leadership Institute

The Cyber Leadership Institute (CLI) provides premium leadership training and coaching programs, empowering CISOs, and business executives with key skills to accelerate the development of high-impact and cost-effective cyber resilience strategies. Through its intensive online Cyber Leadership Program, the CLI has equipped CISOs from dozens of countries with practical strategy design, influencing, governance, board reporting and leadership skills. The CLI is creating a global tribe of CISOs that actively collaborate on strategic matters, help solve common problems and share tools.
For more information about the CLI, visit https://cyberleadershipinstitute.com/

About Scybers

Scybers is a fast-growing global cybersecurity firm that provides end-to-end advisory-led managed security services to global enterprises. The company's advanced AI-assisted security platforms enable enterprises to rapidly reduce cyber risks, achieve compliance, and build resilience, ensuring secure digital operations in today's evolving threat landscape.

For more information about Scybers, visit www.scybers.com

Samsung Elevates User Experience with Comprehensive One UI Updates

Lankapuvath | Colombo | 11-09-2023 |
Samsung, a global leader in technological innovation, is excited to announce an array of One UI updates set to redefine the smartphone experience for users worldwide. These updates are not just about aesthetics; they are designed to elevate user satisfaction, performance, and security across a variety of Samsung devices.

Samsung understands that its users demand the very best from their smartphones, and it's with this commitment in mind that the company introduces these transformative One UI updates. The updates will be available for a range of models, ensuring that users across various Samsung devices can enjoy the benefits of the latest technology.

Extended Software Support

Samsung is known for its exceptional after-sales support, and these One UI updates are no exception. Users can now enjoy extended software support for their devices. For instance, the Galaxy S23 Ultra 12 + 256GB, Galaxy S23 8 + 256GB, Galaxy Z Fold5 5G 12+256GB, and Galaxy Z Flip5 5G 8+256GB, all released in 2023, will receive four OS upgrades and five years of security updates, ensuring their devices stay current and secure until 2028.

Even devices like the Galaxy A54 5G 8+256GB, released in 2022, will benefit from these updates, receiving four OS upgrades and five years of security updates, pushing their validity until 2027. This extended support reaffirms Samsung's dedication to its users' long-term satisfaction.

Performance Optimization

Samsung is committed to providing users with a smoother and more efficient smartphone experience. The One UI updates include performance optimizations that enhance multitasking, streamline app usage, and improve overall device responsiveness.

Enhanced Security Features

In today's digital age, security is paramount. Samsung has taken this seriously by extending security updates to five years, ensuring that your device remains safeguarded against the latest threats. Users can rely on their Samsung devices not just for their cutting-edge features, but also for their robust security measures.

Simplified and Intuitive User Interface

The One UI updates will also introduce a refreshed user interface. The focus here is on making the user experience more intuitive and visually appealing. Navigating your device will become even more enjoyable as you experience a cleaner and more modern design.

Samsung's One UI updates reaffirm the company's commitment to providing its users with top-of-the-line technology. These updates are not just about keeping up with the latest trends; they are about leading the way in user satisfaction, security, and performance. As innovation continues to drive Samsung's technological legacy, users can look forward to a future of limitless possibilities and unparalleled smartphone experiences.